All About Thundersong

Basic Information

June 21, 2011
We combine local, mobile and social media platforms, with a grassroots, countercultural flair, to build a community of clientele for your business.
Company Overview
We deliver grassroots, retro, and professional social media campaigns for culturally creative people, businesses and organizations. We take a close look at what you have, what you need, and where you are going, and design a package of services that meets your goals.

Within just a couple of weeks, we can get you to page one for the organic search results on Google Places, get you positive reviews and citations, grow your mailing lists with paying clientele, and set you up with an exciting website, a blog zine, and landing pages on all the social media platforms.

Then, we maintain it all each month, including daily, direct, customer service responses for your clients. We also keep you informed about the Return On your Investment, by providing you with the analytics every month to prove that you made a good investment in our services, and that your business is thriving!

We believe in grassroots activism, community building, mutual empowerment, and positive cultural transformation. It’s our passion and our specialty to assist people, businesses and organizations who also believe in these things, so that by boosting their social media presence, we are actively advocating and promoting the transition of our society to a just and sustainable world for us all.
General Information
I’m Kiyonah Thundersong, a volunteer activist with five years of experience in social media networking. I founded the Wild Human Initiative in September 2004, and our online presence is widespread and growing. I’m the Internet Communications Coordinator for the New World Rising Network. I’m a single mother and a Social Media Manager for a small marketing firm. I’m 40 years old, college educated, a Rainbow Christian, and a stay-at-home mother.
To provide excellent service for individuals and organizations who need to develop their online presence in creative and unique ways, so they can generate income and manifest their highest goals.
Trained in Let’s Get Social and in Mobile Local Fusion social media management training, by Ryan Deiss and Kate Buck Jr..
We deliver and maintain social media campaigns that combine Local, Mobile, and Social Media services, so that people can find you and connect with your business, event or organization. We can focus on just one of these services, a combo, or all of them together, and do whatever works best for you. It is our strong belief that combining all three kinds of services delivers a wonderfully powerful social media campaign that will more than satisfy both you and your clientele.

A Social Media Campaign is a lot like a journey, so we create a Social Media Map for your journey, and then travel with you as your tour guide and companion.

Here are just a few of the services we can put together into a package and perform for you:

*Content-based localized advertising, to get you to page one for the organic search results (not the paid results that no one looks at) in Google Places.
*Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing designed specifically for you, by utilizing the most viral and effective social media platforms at this time.
*High impact advertising with custom designed QR codes for smart phones, virtual brochures, viral campaigns, twitter incentives, SMS mobile text campaigns, and more.
*Setup and maintenance of your social media network, such as pages and groups on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace,, youtube, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, and other relevant social media sites.
*Writing of reviews, citations, landing pages for Google, articles about your organizations, events and trends, and more.
*Basic web site design using good programs such as, and More extensive graphic design and programming is also avalable, if you wish.
*Setup of mobile landing pages and QR codes for smartphones.

We will do a Marketing Analysis for you, (worth at least $500) for FREE, and design the best package to meet your needs and goals. Please tell us what you need, and what you can afford, and we will gladly work with you. I can even help you on a volunteer basis, if you are advocating and promoting something I can believe in.

Each campaign we design is unique and affordable. We guarantee a positive return on your investment, with no contract to sign, and we give you the Analytic Analysis each month to show you exactly how many people viewed your content, how many joined your network, and how much your business went up during our agreement.

Consider this: it costs FAR more for your business to advertize in the Yellow Pages–thousands of dollars!–and no one even looks in the Yellow Pages anymore! It also costs far more to run even one brief commercial on tv or the radio–again, thousands of dollars, with no guarantee whatsoever that you will get any return on your investment. You can also pay very high fees to a big fancy-pants marketing firm, and get less results and a less satisfying relationship than you will with me. Contact me today for your Free Marketing Analysis, a $500 value, and let’s build an alliance for prosperity today!

Your Social Media Campaign will echo like a beautiful Thundersong throughout the social media landscape!


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